Design your future today!

It's just about that time!

You’re looking to your future. What if we told you that there was an opportunity for you to impact your community, your country, the world, through the design and construction of beautiful spaces and buildings, in structures that will last for generations?

Architecture is creative, dynamic, and fast-paced. It is constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of our current climate, environment, and perception of design and materials.

To be an architect means you can impact the health, wellness, built environment, and safety of the people around you.

What do architects do?
  • Design, plan and develop houses, office buildings, schools, hospitals and many other structures. 
  • Create plans and scale models
  • See a project through from the idea to the physical building 
  • Work with clients to bring their ideas to reality
  • Provide safe, reliable, and engaging buildings in our community 
  • Visit construction sites - it’s not only a desk job, architects stay active 
  • Have the opportunity to own their own firms
Becoming an architect can involve so many different skills, techniques, learning and education, so how do you get it done?
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