What are the benefits of hiring an Architect for your project?

An Architect acts as the coordinator for your building project and is typically hired as the Prime Consultant. An Architect will guide you through the design and construction process and, in conjunction with the Client, manage your budget. It is highly beneficial to retain an Architect to ensure your project requirements and expectations are met.

Quality Based Selection (QBS)

QBS is most commonly used by building committees representing institutions,corporations or public and private agencies. This procedure will provide your project with the best-qualified Architect with whom you can develop a professional relationship. Such a relationship is very important for the kind of in-depth discussion which allows the Architect to deal effectively with issues on your behalf.

QBS uses pre-determined, value-based criteria that may include such factors as: the Architect’s history and capability to perform required services; related experience such as past performance on similar types of projects; familiarity with local geography and facilities; experience and skills in project management; and design approach/methodology. The process compares two or more Architects and the Client (or Committee Members) makes a selection based on their judgement of which Architect is most likely to handle the project successfully.

Direct Commissioning (DC)

This process is most often used for smaller projects. You can select an Architect on the basis of the special expertise required, reputation, familiarity with the location, personal acquaintance or a recommendation. You may seek an Architect who designed a similar project which you like. Your final decision may be based on your comfort level and rapport. “Chemistry” – with a particular Architect.

If a Client is clear on their project’s objectives,requirements, budget and desired outcomes, it is relatively easy to obtain positive results.

Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Many public organizations are required to make their selection process transparent and competitive to demonstrate to the public that they have chosen responsibly. The Request for Proposals (RFP) process is either open to all professionals or follows an Expression of Interest (EOI) phase that allows for the compilation of a short-list.

Because hiring a prime consultant for a building project is not the same as purchasing a commodity or basic service, the RFP is a critical tool in the selection process. Building projects are highly complex, multifaceted undertakings with potentially many unknowns. A qualified prime consulting team will address these unknowns with all their creative, technical and management skills and the result will be long-term value. The RFP and resulting proposals must be thorough and fair to allow comparison of the professional services available. Please contact the AANB office for an RFP content check-list to ensure your RFP meets your requirements and the requirements of the proponents.