The Architects’ Association of New Brunswick (AANB or the Association) is a corporate self-regulating body, established in 1933, for the purpose of advancing and maintaining the standards of architecture in New Brunswick, for governing and regulating those offering architectural services and for the safeguarding of members of the general public and the profession. The AANB Architects Act & By-Laws, which are a statute of the Government of New Brunswick, establishes the guidelines for membership in the Association and the practice of architecture in New Brunswick.

Registered members of the AANB are highly-trained professionals who have successfully completed a university degree, mandatory practical training/experience and an extensive architectural registration examination process. Members are then granted the right to call themselves an ‘Architect’ and use the designation ‘AANB.’ 

Membership in the Association does not grant the right to practice architecture. Once registration is approved, members are eligible to obtain a Certificate of Practice in order to enable them to practice architecture in New Brunswick if all the requirements of the Act & By-Laws are met.

A comprehensive listing of those eligible to practice in New Brunswick is available under the ‘Find an Architect’ section of this web site.

In order to ensure a superior level of service to clients and recognizing an ever-changing market, the AANB has implemented a mandatory Continuing Education program for its members commencing January 1, 2002. Members will be required, through licensing, to maintain on-going professional development and education. This will aid the Association in its commitment to a safe built environment for the public. 

Further information on the structure and mandate of the AANB is available on this web site or by contacting the association.